Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Pursuit - My Daughter's Blog

I just want to indulge in self-promotion for a bit here. Alexa Sleadd, my daughter, has posted several posts regarding her friendship with Josh Eddy that should bless your socks off. It's called Pursuit: click here..


Always Hope said...

Hi Arden! I sen you a grind request on FB as I couldn't find a way to message you ( you may have your message feature disabled). I came across your FM blog because I was searching for people who used oxy aloe. I know you have been suffering from FM for a long time. Like me, you are always searching and hoping for a cure. I would like to know if you still recommend oxy aloe flush. I would also like to share this theory/link with you on CFS/Fibro/MCS: I have not tried it yet but it resonates within my spirit and you were payed on my heart. God bless you!

Arden Sleadd said...

Thank you for writing. The Oxy Aloe by Dr. Whiting is a great product for killing candida, colds/flu, and any infections you may have. It has NOT cured me of FMS/CFS. I have been since diagnosed with lead poisoning, and am pursuing a chelation therapy to remove it currently. We will see if it works in coming months or a year from now.