Monday, August 25, 2008

Obama Insults Americans and Denigrates Himself: "Above my pay grade"

See for yourself. Obama refuses to answer the question of at what point a baby should be afforded protection under the law, by claiming that "to answer such a theological and scientific question with any specificity would be above my pay grade".

Is this a jaw-dropper, or what? First he insults the audience by his unwillingness to answer a fundamental question, which any aspiring Presidential candidate ought to be able to answer. Then he tells us, essentially, that he is unqualified to serve as our future president, because such a question is above his pay grade!
I ask you, what IS Obama's pay grade? Banker? Janitor? Airline pilot? Certainly he should not be a legislator, or anyone involved in writing, applying or interpreting the law to a citizenry which he cannot even define.

I am reading The Obama Nation by World Net Daily Editor Jerome Corsi. I recommend it. Pick it up at WalMart or on

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