Friday, March 19, 2010

Update on Kefir-Making

Recently I posted about making kefir out of young Thai coconuts. Our friend Lindsey at Passionate Homemaking has found an easier, cheaper way--using canned coconut milk. I have ordered a case from Azure Standard and I am going to try it. Lindsey has a how-to video and instructions on her blog, along with lots of good tips. Lindsey is an amazing young lady. I first met her when her family came to my house while she was in courtship with the man who is now her husband. She has mastered the art of homemaking much younger than I; I have a lot to learn from her. As she points out, homemaking is a full-time job; there is no end to one's scope for imagination in the home.

In addition to organic recipes, her website has a wide variety of topics from how to reduce junk mail, to making an organized planner and natural personal-care products. Enjoy!

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