Thursday, June 11, 2015

Almost an Empty Nester

May 23, 2015: Granddaughter Cedar, Husband John, Son Caleb, and me.

Last month my youngest son graduated from high school home school.

It was a milestone, a cause for pause.

Caleb gave an amusing four-minute speech, well-constructed, with famous quotes, scripture, and personal anecdotes. Being former speech club founders, we parents had reason to be proud. On the podium, he gave me flowers and hug. His father gave a blessing. It was good.

Thus ended, officially, my homeschool years with my five children. Yet I had little to do with Caleb's schooling during the last two years as he became an independent learner. I had worked my way out of a job, which was my intention. Still, on those occasions when he asked me to do school with him just to help him focus on the work, my heart was warmed. "I'm still needed!"

Last year I went through Empty Nest Syndrome, of a sort, as I tried to redefine my role and function. What would I do with myself now? I offered my tutoring services to my grown children who now are parents, but they were well-equipped to go it on their own, or had joined a co-op. They didn't need me. I advertised to the larger community online and on facebook, but rarely got a response. "No one needs me anymore," and I fell into self-pity, a frequent temptation for me as I continue to struggle with health issues that limit my options.

I'm so over that now. I have plenty to do, as you can see by my bio on my About Me page. I have grandchildren to visit, two writing students to teach, and a house and garden to offer in ministry to others. I have a women's Bible study in my home, which has been a great blessing. And I have a side income with Young Living.

When I told a friend I was an empty-nester now, she corrected me by saying, "Well, he hasn't moved out yet, right? So you still have some parenting to do." And that's true. I still end up nagging him when I'm not careful.

God is not finished with me yet.

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A Joyful Chaos said...

Congratulations on graduating your youngest son. I still have a way to go with our oldest still having two years of high school ahead of him and our youngest being only three years old. Love this homeschool journey!