Saturday, August 27, 2011

August 2011: Burning feet and household improvements

Boy, oh boy, I have been so negligent to post! I am embarrassed to even try to catch things up, but I will persevere. It has been a scorcher of a month, in more ways than one, for me. My health problems escalated last month and I ended up in ER twice in two days, but I am stabilized again. God continues to show me new insights into his goodness. I have feasted on His word this summer through a study of I Peter and through scripture memory inspired by the Bible Bee program (, and it was just what I needed to weather the storm of my health challenges. For the umpteenth time I am on another treatment that I HOPE will solve all my problems, but I must remember that my hope is in the Lord.

John has again outdone himself this summer, making the rec room library more beautiful with new floor, paint, a/c unit, trim, window, etc. The laundry room also has a new floor, and the backyard pond has gotten a new rock wall and cement spillway.

The exterior of the house was completely repainted by our friend Lloyd. Everything is so nice! The swimming pool also has a new pump/filter, and I have been eating my complaining words about the cost as I have used it several weeks for my exercise when the Y pool was too hot for my burning feet. I have kept a few vegetables producing in the garden in spite of my need to stay out of the heat. God has been too good to me, far more than I deserve.


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