Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Extolling the Virtues of Domesticity

Been listening to the CD series, Family Strategies: How to Build a Healthy Family Culture in Your Home by Doug and Beall Phillips. What a blessing it has been so far--and I've only listened to the first two CDs. I loved the phrase Doug used: "extolling the virtues of domesticity." If there is ever a way to say something floridly, Doug can do it. Such language rolls right off his tongue! It brings beauty and poetry to the concepts he preaches.

I have been "extolling the virtues of domesticity" this week while reveling in my vegetable garden. I have planted five or six crops and am loving in it! I am so thankful for this property I have to fulfill my Proverbs-31 dominion role. I hope to produce much organic, healthy food for my family this year. How rewarding it is.

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